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Dennis Prager is great conservative thinker and writer. He loves to smoke great cigars. He also likes to conduct symphonies. Not easy I imagine. So, as a conservative, what happens?

  • “About a month ago, however, a few members of the orchestra, supported by some Santa Monica city officials, decided to lead a campaign to have me disinvited.
  • “As I said, this is a new low for the illiberal Left: It is not enough to prevent conservatives from speaking; it is now necessary to prevent conservatives from appearing even when not speaking. Conservatives should not be even be allowed to make music.”
  • Great news: “To its great credit, the board of directors of the Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra, composed of individuals of all political outlooks, has completely stood by their conductor and his invitation to me.”

Source: Dennis Prager Symphony & The Left – Ostracism | National Review