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We are born male or female. That is about it. I believe that the Bible teaches that God made us male or female, and no matter our own feelings or confusion, we should act in accordance with the biological reality of God’s good design.

Transgenderism falls short of the glory of God and is not the way to walk in obedience to the Messiah.

Moses in Genesis said  He created them male and female.” (Genesis 1:27)

Jesus said “In the original creation, God made male and female to be together.” (Mark 10:5-9)

Here some thoughts from  at The Federalist for his speeches. Much of his experience comes from speaking at more liberal college campuses all around the country on different aspects of gender issues. Out of the gate, he tells audiences his belief on this subject is founded in the reality that humanity exists and is fundamentally understood as male and female, that both are wonderfully unique and they need each other.

  • “I then go on into my remarks asking if the males in the hall will raise their hands. Many do. The females? They make themselves known as well. “Are there others who don’t fit into either category?” On most campuses, I get a sprinkling of hands raised.
  • “I say to these folks the same thing you might. “Please come up afterward and introduce yourself. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting someone who isn’t male or female.” Who would pass up that opportunity, right? Each one who’s responded to the invitation over the years has only left me disappointed. Falsehood in advertising. They are always some hope-crushing variation of male or female, and often times, not that varied.

Source: Not Even Trans Apologists Can Keep Their Ideology Straight