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, at The Federalist, speaks out the “Youth Culture”. Tara has worked as a child caregiver in social services, daycare, and as a nanny. She is a homemaker and mother, and serves as chair of the Dorothy Day Caucus of the American Solidarity Party in her free time. She may be followed on twitter at @TaraAnnThieke.

The big question is, should we outsource childrearing? Something to think about.

  • “Youth culture” is a benign phrase for the post-World War II phenomenon of age segregation. In truth it is a radioactive element in our society, one conveniently co-opted by the wealthy and powerful to ensure a more manageable, less rooted populace.
  • “The post-war era witnessed the culmination of efforts to standardize mass compulsive state education, a movement initiated in eighteenth-century Prussia. Propaganda not only insisted professionals would do a better job of educating, but also proclaimed a moral duty to hand children over for “socialization.” The American faith in the new bureaucratic class, which they saw as having rescued them from the Great Depression and Hitler, was so strong that they succumbed without protest.

Source: How Segregating Kids By Age Led To Youth Culture And Broke Families