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This is telling. Is morality important in politics? Is this really how we want the world to see the followers of Jesus? Is this the witness and light Jesus wants us to show the world? What role does confession and repentance play in all of this?

In light of the Roy Moore controversy, I can see better what is going on.

So consider that …

In 2011, only 30 percent of white Evangelicals said that “an elected official who commits an immoral act in their personal life can still behave ethically and fulfill their duties in their public and professional life.”

In 2016, that number more than doubled to 72 percent. That’s what a PRRI/Brookings poll says.

White Evangelicals used to be the religious group that was least tolerant of immoral acts by public officials.

In the wake of Trump, they are now the demographic most tolerant of immoral acts in politicians.

At the very least, I think Jesus would ask us a lot of uncomfortable questions. Am I ready for them? Are you?

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