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We know that God created Adam and Eve, the first human beings, in his own image, equal before God as persons, and distinct as male and female. That divinely ordained differences between male and female reflect God’s original creation design and are meant for human good and human flourishing. That the differences between male and female reproductive structures are integral to God’s design for self-conception as male or female.

The Federalist has a great article on the irony of LGBT groups complaining about Title IX.


“College Pride recently released its “Shame List” of colleges that are the “absolute worst campuses for LGBTQ youth” in the United States. These schools supposedly discriminate against LGBTQ people and have requested federal exemptions to “perpetuate the harms of religion-based bigotry.” That’s how Campus Pride interprets schools’ desire to, say, maintain single-sex dormitories and showers, or teach that man-woman marriage is God’s design.

“Campus Pride and the LGBTQ lobby rip on private schools for opting out of provisions of Title IX that would otherwise require them to endorse sexual behavior that conflicts with their religious beliefs, although Americans have a constitutionally guaranteed right to free exercise of religion. Most ironically, LGBT lobbyists even abuse Title IX themselves by demanding legal interpretations of it that would destroy women’s higher-education advantages, which the law exists to promote.

Source: Why It’s Ironic That LGBT Groups Are Complaining About Title IX