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This is very interesting. The United Kingdom’s Bath Spa University turned down an application by James Caspian, a psychotherapist who specializes in working with transgender people, to conduct research on gender reassignment reversals. The university deemed the subject “potentially politically incorrect.”

Caspian’s preliminary findings suggested a growing number of young people—particularly young women transitioning to men—were having regrets. When he provided a detailed proposal to the university, he was told that it must be submitted to the ethics committee. The committee rejected his research proposal, citing concerns over potential criticism towards the university. The university is currently investigating the matter.

Source: University Refuses Research On Trans People Who Want To Go Back

You would think a University dedicated to discovering the truth, would want to consider the research and not what is politically correct.

Australia’s “60 Minutes” aired a story about a youngster who began transitioning from a boy to a girl at age 12, but now two years later, has changed his mind. From an early age, Patrick Mitchell felt uncomfortable in his own skin and didn’t feel like he fit in. He remembers first hearing about the concept of “trans” at age seven. From that point on, he wanted the doctors to make him a girl.

At age 12, he was diagnosed with gender dysphoria. He begged his mother to let him transition into a girl and, with her support, began taking estrogen and presenting socially as a girl. But now, two years later, he finds his feelings have changed. As he told Australian “60 Minutes,”

I began to realise I was actually comfortable in my body. Every day I just felt better. ~Patrick Mitchell

With the support of his mother, Patrick is planning to stop his transition and to have surgery to remove the breasts that developed due to the estrogen.