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ISIS is now pretty well decimated. It hasn’t made a lot of news but they have lost about 98% of their territory in Iraq and Syria. 27,000 air strikes and 70,000 killed.

So are we really winning the war on terror? Maybe not. The challenge is the movement that is committed to our destruction not the death count in Syria and Iraq. Some call the movement “Salafi – Jihadism“. This is like an evil game of whack a mole. Defeat Al-Qaeda. Defeat ISIS.

What is next?

There will be a next.

We need a more global strategy.

The U.S. must develop a new strategy to counter the movement as a whole — not just al-Qaeda, ISIS, or even local groups that seemingly present the greatest threats. The strategic focus on only components of the movement — from al-Qaeda to ISIS to the ideology — has been misplaced. A strategy must be based on an understanding of the Salafi–jihadi movement from its ideology to its military strengths to its popular outreach and governance. It must proceed from an understanding of why the movement has gained strength recently after foundering for so many years. It must start by redefining the enemy at the most basic level.

Source: War on Terror: America Misunderstands Enemy, Needs New Strategy | National Review