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Inspiration from Zion: This is a Love Story

“But why does he have to make provocations with these declarations of his?!”

I was shocked to hear this sentence come out of the mouths of my Jewish American relatives. Yes, they were referring to Trump (who they hate) and to the Jerusalem Declaration.

Trump Jerusalem Declaration

I love my relatives but they live in a completely different universe than I do.

Slowly, carefully, I explained that a declaration does not “provoke” violence. It can be an excuse for violent people to unleash violence but a statement doesn’t actually create violence.

Would anyone accept the statement that Kristallnacht was a result of Jewish provocation? Of course not! Kristallnacht was a result of Antisemitic propaganda and the government condoned environment, sending the message that violence against Jews was perfectly acceptable, even desirable… There is no difference between that and the Arab “Days of Rage”.

To state otherwise is both Jew-hating and racist against Arabs…

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