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This runs counter to the secular agenda about Christians. We are science hating bigots. Great, but that just isn’t true. We believe in truth and not in a relative way. Of course, it is God’s truth, but isn’t necessarily “anti-science”.

“I keep hearing claims that Democrats and liberals in general represent the “party of science.” Of course, that only seems to come up when you’re talking about climate change. In other fields of science… not so much. Take for example the questions surrounding transgender individuals who very strongly believe that they are the opposite of the obvious gender their DNA dictates (or one of dozens of new gender definitions). There is still zero medical evidence that this is a real phenomenon for those born with standard chromosomal structures, but who are the folks buying into the concept?

“Framed against the aforementioned climate change debate, this is probably going to sound like Opposite Day, but according to a new Pew survey, it turns out that Christians are the most likely to reject most of this pseudoscience and adhere to scientifically accepted norms in biology. Meanwhile, atheists (or “nones”) are most likely to buy into it. (Washington Examiner).”

Source: The surprising group most likely to support science regarding transgender issues – Hot Air