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Traditional Christian belief is that God created us male and female. It also believes that only men and women should marry. It is a shock that other faiths, like Muslims, have similar views. Consider this from: Their Refusal To Tolerate Is Creating Global Backlash On LGBT People  “The Human Rights Campaign is enraged that Egypt may enact a law that punishes waving the rainbow flag or otherwise promoting LGBT behavior. Yet Egypt is just the latest example in a global streak of laws and enforcement actions to chastise sodomy, homosexual lewdness, and LGBT advocacy, as the Washington Post reported last fall. African countries, Russia and ex-Soviet nations, as well as IndonesiaMalaysiaBangladesh, and other Asian nations with significant Muslim populations, have all responded to increased pressure about LGBT policies during the Obama administration with punitive laws, policies to protect children from homosexual propaganda, and even police crackdowns on LGBT establishments and social circles.

“Although socially traditional, most of the countries where the backlash is hardest were never hotbeds of anti-gay sentiment, or especially dangerous for individuals who led an LGBT double life. They became so as a result of the relentless international pressure on LGBT issues from the U.S. State Department during the Obama administration, United Nations (UN) bureaucrats, the European Union, huge corporations, and LGBT groups backed by billionaires and western governments.

“Some LGBT advocates want to blame this crackdown on U.S. evangelicals who “export homophobia.” But this is simply false. Not only is U.S. evangelical influence abroad grossly exaggerated, the backlash is visceral and from the grassroots. In Africa, it is immediate, spontaneous, and self-sustaining. The LGBT issue is highly politicized instantly, as Tanzania’s recent “crackdown” arrests of gay people show. And the reaction was immediately severe even in countries that are generally quite tolerant of LGTB lifestyles, as in Latin America.”

Source: Their Refusal To Tolerate Is Creating Global Backlash On LGBT People