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The filibuster is actually a useful scapegoat for Republican pols in convincing base voters who don’t pay close attention to floor votes that it’s Democrats who are killing all the major bills rather than the party’s own factionalism.

Get rid of the filibuster and you get rid of that fig leaf too.

As recently as even a couple years ago, if you had asked me, ‘Should we get rid of it?’ I would have said ‘no,’ because it slows down the growth of government,” Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said in a meeting with the Washington Examiner in his Senate offices. “That is no longer my view.”…

“There is nothing in the history of the Senate remotely like what we’re facing right now, which is the filibuster being used on everything,” Cruz said in explaining his changing view of the filibuster. “Their base, the hard radical Left, is demanding ‘Fight! Resist!’ And so, every substantive piece of legislation — virtually every one — gets filibustered.”…

“I think if the Democrats ever regain the majority, they’ll end legislative filibuster,” Cruz predicted. “That’s where their conference is. And it doesn’t make any sense for it be a one-way ratchet — for us to have our hands tied and for them to be able to pass with a simple majority.

President Trump has called on the Senate to do this. How long will we allow the obstruction to continue?

Please contact your member of the House of Representatives and ask them to sponsor and support this resolution.

You can find your legislator here. You can sign the online petition here.

Partly Cruz is pandering here, knowing that Trump has pushed this idea repeatedly on Twitter and that it’s bound to play well with Texans as he gears up for reelection this fall. But I bet if you polled his suggestion that Democrats will nuke the filibuster themselves lickety split once they’re back in charge and a have a friend in the White House, you’d see 80 percent or better of Republicans agree.

Whichever party ends up finally going nuclear will have an appealing argument, that the country simply can’t endure legislative paralysis forever.