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Great conclusion: To Christians, the source is obvious, as Jesus Christ perfectly served as our moral exemplar.

Christian Apologist

Unlike all other life forms on our planet, humans are unique in that we are innately wired with the knowledge that we have certain moral obligations to do what’s right. No other life forms have these obligations. In other words, animals who forcibly copulate, kill, or take food from one another are not bound by any rules or a conscience suggesting they should not do so. Animals do not feel badly when they forcibly copulate or kill or take food from one another. They’re merely surviving with the means that they have available to do so.

Kinnier,  Kernes, and Dautheribes (2000, pp. 9-10) collected data from Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Humanism, Atheism, and the United Nations and identified the following list of universal moral values, which were supported by most (and in some cases all):

“1. Commitment to something greater than oneself

  • To recognize the existence of…

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