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ISIS continues to persecute the Yazidis and Christians. It is barbaric and cruel.

Nadia Murad just won the Nobel Peace Prize, along with Congolese doctor Denis Mukwege “for their work in fighting sexual violence in conflicts around the world.” Murad is a Yazidi woman who was captured by ISIS and forced into sexual slavery. Then she escaped. She became an activist on behalf of her persecuted people and other victims of ISIS.

For insight on this important award, Stream columnist Jason Jones conducted an interview. He has advocated on behalf of Yazidis and Christians in Syria and Iraq, traveling extensively in war-torn regions of those nations. In 2017, he brought Yazidi activists to meet key figures in Washington, including Vice President Mike Pence.

Why does ISIS single them out, along with Christians?

When ISIS attacked Iraq in 2014 and took over Mosul, it also captured rural hamlets in the surrounding area. ISIS treats the Yazidi more horribly than they treat Christians and Muslims. That’s because ISIS does not consider Yazidi “people of the book.” That was the pretext. But at the end of the day, what those men really cared about was war booty and human trafficking. ISIS used Yazidi women the same way the Japanese used Korean “comfort women,” that is as sex slaves.

Anybody who is unarmed and unprotected, ISIS will attack. They will kill the men and take their property. Then corral the women, send them to slave auctions and literally sell them off to the highest bidders, who then get to rape them at will.

Throughout the Middle East, pious Muslims refer to ISIS as takfirs. Takfiri means to excommunicate. So a takfir is someone who takes it upon himself to excommunicate other people. ISIS does that to other Muslims, as a pretext to rob, rape and murder them just as they would “infidels.” Imagine gangbangers running around the streets of America excommunicating children before gunning them down in drive-bys. That is the absurdity of the situation.

Source: Obama Unleashed a Genocide, and Trump Stopped It