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“Social justice must be destroyed.” This is a stunning statement but I believe it is very worthy of consideration. The social justice movement is producing some really bad outcomes for our culture.

Jesus is the Way and Jesus is the Truth.

Freedom is important. To ignore it is to invite death and destruction.

My motto “Iūstitia Sociālis dēlenda est” means “social justice must be destroyed.” The world is presently under a dire threat to the liberties which befit free men and women by a cluster of authoritarian leftist movements which call themselves “social justice” movements.  

“Social justice” is a perversion of the very concept of justice, and is, in fact, the latest mutation of what could fairly be called Cultural Marxism—although its roots lie at least as far back as Rousseau—and it is the political manifestation of a nihilism that rebels against reality in the name of an imaginary utopian ideal for which no sacrifice of human lives is too great—even though should the revolutionary faction triumph, we will not get utopia, but unimaginable tyranny.  

These people and these movements, if not stopped, will take our freedoms and then our lives, and will make a large section of humanity miserable for some centuries. This should not happen.  Therefore: “social justice” must be destroyed.

We should have had de-Marxization at the end of the Cold War, as we had de-Nazification at the end of the Second World War, but for some reason we permitted this cancer of Marxist ideology to continue to grow and thrive, and we are now paying the price for it.

All free men and women of the Western tradition should do their best to fight cultural Marxism in word and deed, and not allow themselves to be duped by utopian pied pipers or those who  only stir up ressentiment, a true poison of the soul.

Source: About Eve Keneinan « Last Eden