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Very well said: “man has no excuse for clinging to such stupidity as a world without a Creator.”

The Lions Den

How long will it be, how many years will it take, how many decades, centuries, how many thousands, millions, billions, or trillions of years must pass…………before thestrongest jackal in the pack……….surpasses or out lives his own evolution, and replaces the weakest man on earth, and begins to paint works finer than Picasso?

How long will it be before the jackal drops off two limbs, and the man grows a set of extra legs so man can run faster than a cheetah?

Careful how you answer, then again. one need not take more than 2 seconds flat to answer what is obvious. Oh how does common sense, facts, scripture, and of course true science answer quite easily.

While the wild dogs of the prairie have an excuse for not developing their social skills by learning to knit sweaters or sew a button, man has no excuse for clinging to such…

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