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One of the liest that atheists tend to hammer away at is the truth that Jesus exists.

Here is a good summary of why we can trust the historical records.

In my last post, I made the case that Jesus was a real, living human being and not a myth like other ancient gods.  I used the early dating of the New Testament documents to show that there was not enough time between when the events of Jesus life were recorded and when they actually happened to allow for myth to creep into the story. 

 Before my conversion, I would probably not have accepted any portion of the Bible as proof that Jesus actually lived.  I would have dismissed it out of hand as being written by Christians, and therefore untrustworthy.  I would have asked for other, non-biased accounts of Jesus to prove that he existed.  So, are there any non-Christian sources that talk about Jesus?  Yes, there are! 

 There are 9 ancient sources that mention or give information about Jesus and his followers. I’ll just focus on four of them for this article.  These are the earliest non-Christian sources we have for the life of Jesus.  What’s more, they are all hostile sources.  It’s generally assumed when studying history that if a hostile source confirms an account of an event, it is more likely to be true.  This becomes even more true if the event is embarrassing to the writer.  Why would you record something negative about yourself or your group unless it was actually true? 

Source: 4 Early Non-Christian Sources For Jesus