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Atheists constantly lie about the old testament with their angry God theories. In addition, they use slavery as a big talking point.

It is, of course, a lie. Atheists are foolish in their approach.

An atheist is a person who recognizes that God is God and he is not God, and whose pride finds this intolerable, generating a will to annihilate God. Since real revenge on God is impossible, he avails himself to an IMAGINARY REVENGE on God, which is defiant unbelief, or atheism.

Is the Bible pro-slavery?

“If God loves us and wanted to guide us with a book of morality, it’s very strange to have given us a book that supports slavery.”
Anti-religious atheists like Sam Harris love making statements like these. They do carry a lot of rhetorical force. And they do seem to throw the character of the God of the Bible in question. Is the “Good Book” not so good after all?
When modern people think slavery, our minds go to pre-Civil war times in America. We’ve all heard the horror stories of the horrible chattel slavery in the South. And the sad reality of it is, there were clergymen who condoned and even promoted this kind of behavior. But the truth is, had these men actually read the Bible, slavery in America would never have got off the ground. Why?

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Atheists like Sam Harris say that the Bible advocates chattel slavery. To say that’s an uncharitable reading is an understatement. – Is Jesus Alive?