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Is hatred of Christians a real thing? Is there such a thing as Christianophobia? It seems to me it is a real possibility. Jesus promised us that His followers would be persecuted. I don’t think He would have given it a fancy name but persecution is real, based on the sole fact that someone is a Christian (follower of Jesus).

Christianophobia plays itself out in America differently from how Islamophobia and homophobia do. The dynamics of Christianophobia also differ from sexism, racism and anti-Semitism. People with Christianophobia are more likely to be secular and politically progressive. They are also more likely to be white, male, highly educated and wealthy — qualities of individuals who tend to have a lot of societal power. That power means Christianophobia manifests itself very differently from how those other types of intolerance do.

Those with Christianophobia, because of their greater societal power, are very well represented in many of America’s cultural institutions: the news media, arts, entertainment and academia. A couple of weeks ago I pointed out how anti-Christian bias can manifest itself in academia, and I believe at least some of that is rooted not merely in a mild aversion to Christianity but in the fullbown Christianophobia of some academics. Likewise, I suspect that anti-Christian bias in the arts, news media and entertainment industry is shaped to some degree by Christianophobia.

If people with Christianophobia play prominent roles in the institutions that do so much to shape our culture, then they are in a position to shape social attitudes towards Christians. This partially explains why the anti-Christian atmosphere in America seems to be intensifying in recent decades.

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