Here is a great article on the validity of the resurrection of Jesus. Well worth a quick read. Based on all the evidence and my personal experience with Jesus, I believe! He is risen.

I recently developed a new argument for the resurrection of Jesus. I ran it past a few qualified experts, all of whom thought that the argument sounded robust. The purpose of this blog article is to set out the argument as a contribution to the scholarly discussion of the historicity of Jesus’ resurrection, and to hopefully provoke some discussion. My argument hinges on the Premise that there are three alternative explanations for why the apostles claimed that Jesus had risen from the dead and had appeared to them:

      • They were honestly mistaken that Jesus had appeared to them (e.g. they experienced an hallucination).
      • They were deliberately setting out to deceive people.
      • Jesus really did rise from the dead.

What follows will argue against the first of those alternatives, leaving the latter two for us to adjudicate between.

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Answering Muslims: A New Argument for the Resurrection of Jesus