Here is a great insight from Trisha. The media (I think all of them) are ratings driven and a cancer has evolved. Their worldviews frame the coverage. We used to expect some level of objectivity in reporting. Those days are long gone.

The title of this post comes from the personal blog of former MSNBC producer Ariana Pekary, who quit recently over frustrations with the network’s obsession with ratings over informing the public and the serious negative effects this has had on the national discourse.  She believes this to be a systemic problem across the board with most mainstream news entities.

Shocking, I know!  Not really of course.  I’m sure many of you are fully aware of  the media’s long deathward spiral down the ratings toilet bowl in their never ending quest for eyeballs at the expense (and exhaustion) of the general public.  Take a partially true story, spin, tweak, edit and then spin again until the desired narrative comes about, then push it through the network channels and social media feeds until peak fear/outrage levels are reached.  Voila, instant ratings boost.

This got me thinking. Not so much about the horrid state of the news media, but on the simple fact that each day we have a variety of choices on which narratives to live by and that a thoughtful dissection on what they’re bringing to the table might be in order.

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