This is excellent. Love it. It really builds the case for Jesus very well.

“At this point, you may be wondering whether we have enough evidence to support the claims that Jesus is divine. We do. You may be wondering whether it would benefit societies to get back to our Christian roots. It would. And we should all spend the rest of our lives sharing the light and love of Jesus.”

This is a must read!

Christian Apologist

In the age of the “enlightenment” of the 18th century, deep atheistic thinkers crawled into the corners of people’s minds with their materialist agendas, claiming physical science had an explanation for all we know in this world. The “rational” supplanted the “traditional” and the “material supplanted the supernatural.” People in the West began to reject claims of spiritual experiences and supernational causation, stabbing holes in the traditional and religious fabric that had shielded our societies against dark and intellectually irresponsible notions for centuries.

It was a time where challenging religion became somewhat fashionable in elite intellectual circles. Atheists, Marxists, and postmodernists came rallying with their bull horns out of the cracks in our Christian foundations, lambasting God, rejecting order, and claiming our world is a lucky product of chaotic and undesigned processes. They denied that we have any objective moral values or duties, such as the values of life…

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