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Here is a great summary over recent questions over Catholicism, Molinism and Arminianism.

Apologetics Central was founded in April 2014 in Pretoria, South Africa. They aim to provide Christians with the tools necessary to defend their faith in Jesus when confronted with difficult questions asked by atheists and other religious believers.

The debate between Calvinists and Molinists has flared up once again in the dying months of 2021 as Dr James White and Dr William Lane Craig held an informal debate/discussion on the merits and drawbacks of Calvinism and Molinism. Although a lot of people have written responses and held post-debate interviews with some of the interlocutors (and in some sense exhausting the possible points of discussion), I still felt that it is worthwhile to try and unpack a critique against non-Calvinist positions briefly made by Cornelius Van Til in his Introduction to Systematic Theology, Chapter 13 and 14 before the start of 2022.

Throughout Van Til’s writings, he usually makes remarks on the ultimate reference point of predication. We’ll first spend some time unpacking this concept, before looking at Van Til’s critique of Roman Catholicism, Molinism and Arminianism.

Source: Van Til on Catholicism, Molinism and Arminianism

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