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We have a great friend, SlimJim, who runs the best Apologetics site on the internet. The site is Domain for Truth. You can follow him on Twitter or Facebook. Jim is a Pastor passionate with teaching the Bible, theology and apologetics and has been doing it for over ten years. He is a United States Marine Corps veteran, a graduate of UCLA and holds an MDiv and ThM.

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Herre is a list of all his Unit 1 sessions. Trust me, you will be blessed.

Here is Pastor Jim’s take on empiricism and materialism.

Why we do this is because it’s a clash of systems and not just an argument over minor facts.

Definitions with the atheist worldview

        • Atheism: The belief there is no God who exist.
        • Naturalism: “Naturalism is the basic belief that the material universe is all that there is in existence. This means the universe is a closed system, with no supernatural explanation for any of life’s questions.”[1]
        • What is materialism: “Materialism is the view that everything is ultimately in nature. At the most fundamental level, everything that exists consists of nothing but matter and energy.  Everything is governed by the basic laws of physics and, in principle, can be complete explained in terms of those physical laws.  Every object is a purely physical object.  Every event that occurs have a purely physical cause (if it has any cause at all).  In short, the universe is just a collection of clumps of matter following the laws of physics.”[2]
        • What is empiricism:
          • “Knowledge is limited to the senses.”[3]
          • “empiricism, in philosophy, the view that all concepts originate in experience, that all concepts are about or applicable to things that can be experienced, or that all rationally acceptable beliefs or propositions are justifiable or knowable only through experience. This broad definition accords with the derivation of the term empiricism from the ancient Greek word empeiria, ‘experience.’”[4]
          • In my own words empiricism is the means of knowing things only through your five senses (see, taste, touch, smell, hear); this can involve tools enhancing our senses such as telescopes and microscopes.
        • The relationship of Materialism to empiricism

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