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What is going on here? Is this really about bathrooms and the plethora of transgender problems associated with them? Is .03% of the U. S. population really being discriminated against? The answer is this isn’t a problem.

What it is being executed is “a playbook” that eventually leads to status recognition. What the early debate is about isn’t the end game. First it bathrooms. Next it will be something else. Five years from now there will be something going to the Supreme Court.

The stakes are starting out pretty low. That greases the skids. That will lead to something where the stakes are very high. By then, the game will be lost.

“It’s the same with transgender bathrooms. The point is not, or not crucially, to help solve practical problems for transgender people; it is, rather, to coax out of society an affirmation of transgender people and their identity.”

Source: The symbolism and stupidity of America’s transgender bathroom debate